What episode of glee does finn and rachel start dating taylor swift and taylor lautner dating


Rachel is, predictably, devastated, but not so much as when, in the ensuing hissy fit, Santana spills the beans that she and Finn smushed the previous year.From then on, Rachel's a self-absorbed mess for approximately zero reason: the supposed rationale is that if she can't have the limelight OR her boyfriend's virginity, no one can.(Goes to watch the episode, comes back an hour later) Well, that was…something. Boy drama, girl drama, teenage angst, like when did this show turn into "Gossip Girl" all of a sudden?

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Attitude reflect leadership Here's a fun aside: at this point in the episode, there has been no singing whatsoever, which brings me to a rant (shocker, I know): This show is starting to suffer in a big way from making the music secondary to the plot.

But as Finn points out, Rachel was dating Jesse (remember him?

) when the Santana thing went down, so she really has no right to be angry and she's just upset because Rachel feels inferior next to Santana and her Latina sexiness and fake boobs. It gets bad, too, to the degree where Rachel insists on a couples counseling with Emma and Finn (disastrous, but still not half as bad as some of the sessions on "In Treatment"), and eventually shows up to practice with her mouth duct taped shut in protest.

She also lashed out at Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), calling the new principal (!

) a "cold-hearted b----" before shoving her into a cabinet.

Lea Michele, Monteith's real-life girlfriend, didn't appear for the episode's first 45 minutes.

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