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Yet, I am the one being negatively affected by this predicament the most. How does this company stand up for my rights as a woman working for Werner? Again, my goal is to complete training expeditiously so that I can earn the money to pay my financial obligations.It has now come to my attention that other people at Werner have learned of this situation yet, no one has called me. My trainer was quickly reassigned to another student and I was left to sit in a hotel with no idea of what plan of action Werner would take that should include my unpaid down taken into consideration as well.One of the biggest issues facing the LGBTQ today is transgender discrimination.Many people of course are arguing there are only just two genders (i.e. But in doing research, there seem to be more combinations at least at the DNA level.As a courtesy we have agreed to publish the following open letter to Werner sent from a student driver who is a veteran.Dear Werner: On Friday, April 14, 2017 I was driven back to the Lakeland terminal in the midst of my training with trainer after learning of a severe trust discrepancy between he and his wife in regards to myself.It has been over a month now and I am in the waiting seat again while my male counterparts who started with me at CDL School are well off on their path to becoming qualified drivers.

Now, I’ve been put in a situation where I will have to wait longer before I can start earning the money I need to support myself and my family.

My trainer was the only person who represented Werner that said anything to me about the reason behind being returned to the Lakeland hotel.

I did not hear anything from the fleet manager, Michelle W., or any other individual in the company explaining to me what was taking place and how they would address this issue.

I question why more is not being done to address the lack of trainers available for female student drivers.

It is clear to me that not just myself but other female student drivers are having to be kept waiting, even put on accounts that do not entail the work we signed up to perform.

As a veteran, who has worked in close quarters with men on a daily basis professionally, I am both shocked and appalled at the company’s response.

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