Websec cam

I go on a lot of business trips which is why I bought the DVR system in the first place.To access the DVR from the internet requires you to install an Active X program called webrec.cab, this happens the first time you access the DVR (i.e. With my old computer I could change the internet security settings to allow the installation of this program.My new computer does not allow me to install this because of some publisher verification check. Thanx Tony You didn't say which DVR your using, but my Intellicam JS-RTA-D1 DVR used for remote viewing using IE.I can not change the internet security settings and can not access GPEDIT. I had the same issue, the company PC had security policies that prevented the auto-install of the program.

Does the new firmware give any more flexibility with motion detection? It seems to work OK inside with fixed lighting but once you go outside and have clouds, shadows and blowing wind it's not much use.When you get the error message you will need to go look for the file, it will probably be in your temporary internet files.Windows search often won't look in these hidden directories, so you will have to find it on your own. Sometimes IE will delete these temporary files, so I found I had the best luck searching before acknowledging the error and before closing out IE.Dave, Unfortunately the method you gave me did not work. It looks like it installed (added a folder to my Program Files directory) but still when I try to go to my DVR I get the same pop-up asking my to install an active X plug-in which of course doesn't work.Is there another step I need to complete maybe from within IE? the problem you might have is your active x licence has ran out.The fix was to open a command prompt (run as administrator).

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