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(more…) “LET’S MAKE A DEAL” By Henry of Fresno, CA (February 7th, 2018) When I was 20 I used to work for a department store in the men’s section.

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We would have to play a game where one person would wear stove mittens and try to unwrap the gift while the next person would have to flip a cup that had to land standing up.Well, last year my parents decided they wanted to have the Christmas party at our house.So on that day I had to wake up early and help clean the house and help my dad put out tables and chairs, and arrange stuff so all my relatives would have enough room. Everyone was having fun until my cousin Johnny showed up with three of his friends. I am 19, so we usually hung out together at our family gatherings. “Let’s go to your room so we can have sneak some drinks.” (more…) “CHUPA MI VERGA” By Dennis of San Bernardino, CA (December 20th, 2017) I was driving from San Bernardino, CA to Phoenix, AZ earlier this summer which is normally about a four or five hour drive.One night it was hot and I couldn’t sleep so I went out drinking at a bar in my neighborhood. One was tall and had brown skin the other was lighter skinned and a little more muscular. His body was cut up and looked like he did a hundred push ups and sit ups every day. At one point the guy he was playing basketball turned around to grab his phone. ” By Manny of Henderson, NV (January 17th, 2018) This happened to me just last month.It was a small bar and it was a weeknight so I knew I wasn’t going to hook-up. I ignored him and tried to brush him off by jerking back my arm. I kept making eye contact with one of them, the darker skinned guy, but didn’t think much about it. The guy I had been checking out made eye contact with me again and grabbed his crotch. I was at home horny and bored, so I went to one of the gay hook-up sites just to look around.We had talked a few times since he had been up, he was happily busy catching up and spending time with his family, so we had decided I would give him a ride back to his place in Oregon. ” By Anthony of Houston, TX (January 3rd, 2018) A few months ago I was in Orange County, California, visiting my friend Joshua. We were in the same grade and were best friends up until he moved to California with his family when we were in High School.

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