Wagner and mary dating


However, they need to have been mentally ill for at least five years throughout the marriage.

Five years is a long time to live with someone who has severe mental health problems and you also have to take care of them even after you are divorced.

She screamed loudly after Wagner wandered into her room at the contestants’ house and found her half-naked, reports the Mirror.

Wagner apparently knocked on the door, but chose to ignore Mary’s request for him to wait.

This hilarious divorce law is actually taken seriously in Saudi Arabia.

Believe it or not, a woman can file for divorce if her husband fails to supply her with fresh coffee. Apparently fresh coffee is the key to a happy marriage in Saudi Arabia. This has got to be one of the most hilarious marriage laws in the world.

Men may decide to end their marriage if their wife gets false teeth without telling them.

Women in Vermont are expected to get the all-clear from their husband before they invest in false teeth.

This is a law that clearly encourages people to get married through stupidity!

However, a law in Wichita, Kansas has been created to encourage everyone to get along and play happy families.

A spouse won’t be allowed to get divorced if the reason for the divorce is, the other spouse treated their mother-in-law badly.

Wagner has been given a final warning about his behaviour after walking in on X Factor rival Mary Byrne while she was getting undressed, according to a report.

Louis Walsh ‘s acts were rumoured to be dating during the early weeks of the finals, but it appears Mary isn’t always keen on the Brazilian’s company.

You're on a drunken night out and your friends dare you to get married so you do, just for a joke.

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