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Recent grad Monica Blaylock, class of 2011, tells me her new friends often give her a hard time for being a Western girl, despite lacking most of the qualifying attributes.

Welcome to the London, Ontario Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta!

She’s the picture of privilege, the epitome of entitlement. She’s the “typical Western girl,” or TWG for short.

When I asked friends and fellow Twitter users to describe her, it seemed that everyone knew what I was talking about. She’s everything a good teen movie villainess should be.

The incoming grade average in 2011 was 87.6 per cent, according to the . Western is one of the nation’s top universities, with in-your-face purple pride, so it makes sense that other schools might feel the desire to knock us down a few pegs.

The University of Toronto, which dodges the blonde bimbo stereotypes, only had an 85.1 per cent incoming average. If other schools pin a dumb, rich-girl reputation on us, they don’t have to feel so bad when we surpass them in certain ways.

Western students like to joke about the stereotype.

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