Updating it systems plan credit union

For computer assistance regarding My Socrates & ADP issues, please contact your (HRD) Human Resource Reps, (1For your communication needs regarding committee mtgs, funeral notices for the TV monitor, SOTU & Newsletter please see Denise Black, you may drop them off at the Communications office (mail slot on the door) A-40 (located next to Medical) or via email [email protected] be added together next Wed, Nov 22nd for employees to enjoy Team Thanksgiving Dinners. What made this tour different from the rest, was the students were from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana, France & Mexico!

Seeing through their eyes and the excitement touring the facility, their many questions & engaging conversations during the 1 hour 15 minute walking tour was Priceless!!

Non-prescription safety glasses are available in General stores, prescription safety glasses are available thru our approved provider. Main Street, O’Fallon Mo 63366 Website: This update is concerning the upcoming safety policy that goes in effect January 2018. 63366 to order your prescription safety glasses and GM will billed His office is called Eye Care Center.

Local Demand 214 Safety Glasses is quite extensive so contact your committeeperson if you need a full explanation after reading it for yourself on page 52 -53. If you wear prescription glasses (Temporary and Seniority employees), your prescription can be taken to Dr. His phone numbers are (636)272-3383 and (636)272-3390 for appointments.

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Stamping is not impacted by this announcement by your Group Leader.

Any requirements in Stamping will be communicated by your Group Leader.

Any exceptions will be communicated by your Group Leader. When boxes of mislabeled parts arrived on the framing line, Jillian Goldsberry (1 times.

Name_______________________________________ GMIN#_______________ Dept/Shift ________________ Identify your preference.

If you are interested in more than one area, please prioritize you desires by placing a 1 through 4 next to it.

But this has been a particularly remarkable few months.

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