Updating from arcsde to arcserver


I don't think editing system tables directly through SQL is supported technically.At 10.1 there is no need to install the Arc SDE software unless you need to run an Arc SDE service.I have even recreated all our map services in Arc GIS Server 10.1 with direct connect and the web editing is perfectly working. UPDATE: As indicated in the What's New for Geodatabases topic: "The recommended method to access enterprise geodatabases is to connect directly from Arc GIS clients.If you only use direct connections to your geodatabase, you do not have to install the Arc SDE application server." If you need to edit settings in the Arc SDE system tables, though, you should still install the command line tools included with the application server.For example, when you unfederate, all hosted service items remain in the portal, but they are disconnected from their services in If you are experiencing issues logging in to Manager after installing the latest software update, you may need to clear your browser's cache in order to log in.This is typically due to residual information from the previous version of Manager being cached in the browser.

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I've already posted more or less the same question at esri's Geo Net Forum, but until now I have got any response.If all of your users are making Direct Connections to the geodatabase then the Arc SDE installation is not necessary.As well, most of the functionality offered by Arc SDE commands is now available in Arc GIS Desktop & through GP tools.One thing you will see especially with a MSSQL server when you make your initial database connection in a MXD is that Arc GIS does a 'SELECT *' (as seen in your query analyzer and logs on your DB Server) against that table/feature-class.Now, this can be a huge impact if you have very large datasets; the Arc SDE Service/Process helps in this by aiding in the request of the appropriate data scope.Improvements also reduced the number of files created in the cache directory.

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