Updating embedded documents mongodb


Example: In an existing document in a collection say , db.systeminfo.update(,); As a result, a new network interface gets added in the array of interfaces, In an existing document in a collection, you could use $pull to remove a new network interface.

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Typically, systems would request to update this information into the server.We have seen different ways in which we can invoke find() method and how to do comparison querying and logical querying.This post will focus on updating of our existing documents present in our mongo database using Java.In an existing document in a collection, you could use $push to add a new network interface.Instead of $push, $add To Set can also be used, however we will see usage $push in the upcoming examples.All the documents in collection : Update method in mongodb takes 2 arguments , first one is basically the criteria that will be used to find the documents and second one is the modifier document that will replace all the documents matching the criteria.calls DBCollection.update(com.mongodb. DBObject, boolean, boolean) with upsert=false and multi=false Parameters: q search query for old object to update o object with which to update q Returns: Throws: Mongo Exception @dochub update Now in the above example I am interested in adding the middle name and country to “Eliot” record.

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