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The file checked out stays in the same directory but the permission changes from read only to read/write. cp file.ext/main/version# You can then change tmpfile as required, cp/copy it to the atria directory with the correct name, enter cleartool again and check the file in.

and it is a defect in the tool that this command is not implemented. pwd to make sure you are in the right directory at the shell level. Exit cleartool to the shell to rm/delete the temporary file.

Instead, you will have to do a tap dance to get the version you want in your view: #1. Using a tmp_name will help ensure that you don't screw up and delete the atria archive file by mistake!

To use package you need to download file to place where Emacs find it, and execute following command: .

All functions we can split into several logical groups — work with files, work with changes, work with external utilities, and other functions.

#Git-clearcase It is a simple bridge between base Clear Case and Git.

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