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This is the second time IOMO has been responsible for fully half of the games appearing simultaneously on a major network's Top Ten list.

In January 2004 the company had five titles in the Vodafone UK charts.

At right, the small image is a previous year’s Valentine for the same client.

It is photo-etched from an image of lace dating from the time of the artist Tiepolo.

The peak of IOMO's success came in 2004 when in addition to winning the Develop Industry Excellence award for the second year running, IOMO were developers of half the games in the Top 10 charts for two different UK operators.

January 2004 the Vodafone Top 10 games charts included five titles developed by IOMO; Tomb Raider: The Quest for Cinnabar, Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf, Pub Pool, Tomb Raider: The Osiris Codex and Monopoly.

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We have 274 rooms spread over 6 floors, including a range of Suites and Apartments.

LETTERS READ: Text Dating is part of the ongoing series of live events in which local artists interpret personal letters and correspondence by culturally vital individuals from various times and New Orleans communities. Watch for the March 23rd event, part of New Orleans Tennessee Williams Literary Festival, The Luck of Friendship.

Enjoy an intimate look at a Tennessee Williams that only his greatest publisher and dearest friend, James Laughlin, would have known—all through the vehicle of their personal letters to one another. Collins regrets—writing that letter you really, really don’t want to write.

IOMO also worked on SMS titles including Txt Dating which launched on O2 in the UK.

As the industry moved away from WAP and SMS to Java ME titles, in May 2003 IOMO acquired mobile game studio Covert Operations Ltd for an undiclosed sum.

The Valentines Day event will be readings of non-fictional text threads curated from an open call for submissions.

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