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Similar numbers of both sexes say they've been abusers.Additional new research shows teens who abuse their girlfriends and boyfriends often share a past as middle-school bullies.I very much recommend this book to people who are in a relationship.It is really helpful because they will know what if right and wrong for them and their partner to do and how to deal with a scary and violent situation.In this 2010 photo North Plainfield High School drama students Luis Salazar, right, as "C.J.," and Melissa Torres, as "Angela," are shown during a rehearsal of "Don't U Luv Me," a play that explores the concept of violence in teen dating at North Plainfield High School in North Plainfield, N. More than a third of teen guys and girls say they've been physically, emotionally or sexually abused in their dating relationships, according to new, unpublished data from a nationwide survey.I think this book was good and it gave me very good information.This book was good and gave good information because if I never read it I would not know what to do if I was in a situation like the one the book explains.

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Researchers and educators eager to stop violent patterns early — and reduce abuse not only among teens but among the adults they will become — already are testing programs that teach younger children and teens how to have healthier relationships.

Girls were more likely to say they had physically abused their partners; boys were "much more likely" to say they had sexually abused someone, the association says.

But it did not provide specific numbers on those differences.

Both of my parents had troubled childhoods themselves—my father was in and out of the foster care system, and my […] April Hernandez-Castillo, Actress, Motivational Speaker, TV host and SAG Nominee. Hernandez-Castillo was 16 when she started dating her abuser. “The first time, I didn’t know [what was happening],” she said.

Interviews with abusers and victims form the basis of this discussion of the characteristics and dangers of unhealthy relationships, the importance of honest communication, and cooperative ways of resolving conflict.

But as they seek to understand why so many young people hit, demean or force sex on their partners, much remains unclear.

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