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Making better music has been the Vandals mantra for years and their new album "Internet Dating Super-Studs," which hits the stores on Sept.17, is exactly that, better music. The band has still got it, and this one is for the fans.Internet Dating Super-Studs, makes no apologies for punk rock. Internet Dating Superstuds is the ninth studio album by the southern California punk rock band The Vandals, released in the vandals internet dating superstuds Kung Fu Records. On tour we milked the "dating" gag for nearly 2 the vandals internet dating superstuds after the album's release.

Their fans got younger and more appreciative as the ticket and record sales went higher and higher.

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The Vandals: Dave Quackenbush (vocals); Warren Fitzgerald (guitar); Joe Escalante (bass); Josh Freese (drums). Enjoying the best success of their career in the 21st century, The Vandals are an unheard-of example of a band slowly getting better and selling more and more records long after most of their peers have either broken up or just sucked so hard no one wants to even look them in the eye.

The Vandals were on a roll from The Quickening to Look What I Almost Stepped In, and Christmas With the Vandals is a yuletide classic of sorts. Early in their career, The Vandals played small clubs, appeared in a few Penelope Spheeris films, sold a few records and had a few radio hits.

Next came Internet Dating Superstuds, which includes a couple of tunes worth a chuckle. Recorded at Rumbo Studios, Canoga Park, California and Pulse Studios, Hollywood, California in 2002. Recording, Hollywood, CA (2002); Rumbo Studios Canoga Park, CA (2002). This was beyond the wildest dreams of the young band from Huntington Beach, California. Solidified in 1989 with the addition of Josh Freese (The Vandals' own discovery), the band really didn't kick into high gear until 1995 when Offspring vocalist Dexter Holland signed them to his own label, Nitro Records, and the band hit the road full time booked by super agent Stormy Shepherd. With our booking agent and record deal in place, we could concentrate on making better music," admits Joe Escalante, bassist of The Vandals.

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