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After the audition, Rachel confidently asks when they start rehearsals.During rehearsals, the New Directions put on a disastrous performance of Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat.Douglas says he enjoys writing the blog because he gets 'personal satisfaction' out of it.'I express my opinion, and I tell them that they don't have to agree with me because it's a free country,' he said. 'And their answers are very, very interesting.''And their answers are very, very interesting. together in the choir room, where Sandy proceeds to touch Hank inappropriately on the stomach as a jealous Rachel Berry watches from outside the door.In the teacher's lounge, Will asks his co-worker, and Mc Kinley High football coach, Ken Tanaka where the coffee pot is.The Gong Show Movie (lyrics: "Sometimes It Just Don't Pay to Get Up", "Why Me Oh Lord", "I'm the Cook", "Don't Get Up") / (music: "Sometimes It Just Don't Pay to Get Up", "Why Me Oh Lord", "I'm the Cook", "Don't Get Up", "Robin's Song") [on his recollection of the celebrity photographs]: They used to have a picture of me on the wall, before they had any other photos up.

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Douglas, the father of actor Michael Douglas, became a major star in the 1950s and famously starred in Spartacus.

Ken remarks that Principal Figgins got rid of it due to budget cuts and suggest they strike because of it.

Sue enters the room with latt├ęs for the two just as guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury enters the room with her lunch, which is stored in tupperware, and she also uses disposable gloves and wetnaps to clean the table she eats at, implying that she is a perfectionist and mysophobic.

This episode introduces major plot lines such as: Will's motivation to build the New Directions, Rachel and Finn's relationship, choosing between Football/Cheerios and Glee Club, Sue's motivation to tear the Glee Club apart, and Quinn desperately trying to get Finn back.

The episode was directed by Ryan Murphy and written by Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan, and Ryan Murphy.

Legendary actor Kirk Douglas, 92, has become the oldest celebrity blogger on social networking website My Space The actor began blogging in March 2007 to promote his memoir, Let's Face It, but has continued after seeing the interest generated by his posts. On Barack Obama's presidential victory, he wrote: 'I'm very happy that our country has made such a historical move.

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