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Other topics and articles include: What Will Human Beings Do in the Future?

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Next, after the investigation and request, the Pre-Trial Chamber issued arrest warrants for four Sudanese officials, including for Sudan’s President al-Bashir.34 Nevertheless, regardless of the cooperation obligation bestowed upon Sudan’s government, Sudan defied by refusing to cooperate and hand over the indictees.35 In addition to non-cooperation, the Sudanese government has kept in position and even promoted persons who are charged with the atrocities in Darfur.36 Since Sudan is not a State party to the responded to its members’ defiance by filing decisions about these visits referring the matter to the Security Council in order for the Security Council to “take any action [it] may deem appropriate.”42 An option for such a referral is available when the .

The question that remains to be answered is how many more civilians must be killed, injured and displaced for this Council to be spurred into doing its part?

Our community is a source for creating relationships and enjoying fellowship.issue we look at cool mapping, gaming the city, skyfarms, employer banks, university 2.0, digital empires, new collective intelligence, anti-sales, interactive billboards, the future market, 72 seasons, the social ego, art gyms, virtual hugs, and much more.In the face of natural disaster and economic turmoil RESILIENCE is moving up on the agenda of organizations and communities – and ultimately it matters to all of us: how do we as individuals cope with unexpected impacts in an increasingly uncertain reality?A by big, we mean 1000 singles, couples and swingers all getting naked and having sex while others watch.These aren't cam girls or people out to make money.The conference "Data & Genomics: Realising the Nordic 'Data Gold Mine" is being held as part of the Week of Health & Innovation () in Odense, and examines the potential inherent in the enormous amounts of social and health data of the Nordic countries – a gold mine for research, development, and business.

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