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Unfortunately my MGC disgraced itself by emptying the contents of its cooling system onto the pavement when I arrived at Edwards Park to start the run.It was the first hot day of the summer season and I now know that the s viscous clutch fan (a modification) is not working. I’ve had over 15 years and 60,000 miles of pretty much trouble free motoring in the old girl and she even performed admirably at Mallala race track over the Easter Nat Meet this year. There were several answers to a query from an owner on the "MG Experience" MGC Forum about setting the tappets. You couldn’t get the spare set of points out of the glove box and chuck them in the dizzy to get you going.How to turn over the "Lump" so I took some photos of my Crank Nut Spanner that I made in the late 60's. Can you buy a new car these days without electronic ignition/computer ignition plus ...? After a glass of that nice Langhorne Creek sparkling shiraz (or two) my mind starts pondering the future.

I was always cautioned never to buy one because if the electronic ignition failed you were stuck and had to call a toe truck.

While I may experience driverless cars in the near future, I may not live long enough to experience windowless, handleless vehicles with wrap around screens in the inside and automatic payment.

Remember ladies and gentlemen keep ‘em tuned and keep smiling, 2018 is here, Rich I awoke to a lovely spring day for our Torsion Bar Run.

Cars are becoming more and more automated and driverless car are just around the corner.

The speed limits have been reduced from 100 kph to 80 in the Adelaide Hills and 60 kph will be here soon at a road near you (for your safety of course).

Please pass this on to your MGC register members or at least to the ones capable of using tools. It’s a bit like that Time And Relative Dimension In Space vehicle that the Doctor runs around in. While the world is embracing digital technology the concept of analogue may well disappear from the lexicon.

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