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The meeting consisted largely of both sides telling each other how great this partnership would be.After observing the nice-ties, Lefkofsky, Mason, and Solomon were invited into a conference room with a whiteboard, where they negotiated for more than two hours with Arora and Drummond until they reached a number— the magic .75 billion— that they felt comfortable taking back to Groupon’s board. M., Mason, Lefkofsky, and Solomon returned to the Rosewood Sand Hill, a luxury hotel in Menlo Park on Sand Hill Road, the fabled street of dreams for seekers of venture capital in Silicon Valley.cover story Sennett wrote about the Chicago-based daily deals company in 2010."I kept my eye on it as it became bigger and bigger," said Sennett, who is the editor-in-chief and president of the magazine.Lefkofsky had already successfully taken other Web companies public, most notably Inner Workings and Echo Global Logistics, both of which helped other businesses find efficiencies in their supply chains.

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Sennett said he wasn't aware during his reporting of the problems Groupon had in its financial controls that spurred the slip in price. In three years, it could be the darlings of everybody," Sennett said.Negotiations proceeded at a rapid clip after the initial conversation.Mason visited Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at the legendary Googleplex in Mountain View, California.CEO Carol Bartz might put it— later), through sale negotiations with Google that lasted into December, the tension on the board ratcheted up to Cuban Missile Crisis levels.Online acquisitions didn’t get any bigger than this.Read an excerpt from Sennett's book below: If you believe the rumored numbers, it would have been the biggest acquisition in Internet history— and you definitely should believe the numbers.

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