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If you are on holiday or on a business trip always try to follow the next simple but important rules while eating…..

Dont point at anyone with your chopsticks…it is consider to be rude!!!!

If done correctly the cooled set chocolate will yield a shiny crisp finish after it has hardened.

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Chocolate candies are without question one of the most luxurious and enticeable treats that have ever been created.

Ever since chocolate was first brought from the new world to Europe, where it was first used as a drink, it has held the fascination and appreciation of all who consume it.

The chocolate is first melted to a specific temperature range and then a portion of it is poured onto the marble and then spread back and forth with an offset palette knife.

When it begins to cool and set it is returned to the original bowl and stirred until the chocolate is cooled to the proper temperature.

Then a salsa infused with tequila and the rare civet coffee, which is crafted from part-digested coffee cherries eaten by wild civet cats, is added to the mix.

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