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Hunt) for his aluminum reduction (electrolysis) discovery.The company is first incorporated as The Pittsburgh Reduction Company and opens a pilot production facility on Smallman Street.Today’s Alcoa is built on a foundation of operating excellence dating back nearly 130 years to the world-changing discovery that made aluminum an affordable and vital part of modern life.As the inventor of the aluminum industry, we have followed on with breakthrough after breakthrough in best practices that lead to efficiency, safety, sustainability and stronger communities wherever we operate.In June 1928, the company transfers all international holdings, some 34 companies worldwide, to a new company called Aluminum Limited of Canada, which will be renamed Alcan in 1966 and become part of Rio Tinto in 2010.The world's first aluminum research laboratory On a hill overlooking the Allegheny River and Alcoa's production facility along its banks, the company builds a campus-like facility dedicated to finding new aluminum applications, testing its performance, and improving production processes.

The Foundation will play a significant role in strengthening sustainability in Alcoa communities worldwide.

Wright Brothers The world’s first flying machine is powered by an aluminum heart made from Alcoa’s new metal.

To save weight, the engine block and crankcase of the Wright Brothers' historic "Flyer" are cast from aluminum supplied by The Pittsburgh Reduction Company.

Aluminum makes automobiles lighter and faster New Alcoa alloys make aluminum a strong, machinable substitute for heavier metals in automotive design.

This breakthrough leads to growth in fabricating lightweight aluminum bodies, drivetrain and engine castings, and other parts for automobiles at New Kensington.

Around the same time, the same process is discovered by chemist Paul T.

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