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' Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves bonded with busty reality star Sophia Vegas over their £28k rib-removals as they met for dinner in LA...

and claims that his 34in waist is already down to 24in The TV personality, 34, who is currently holidaying in Los Angeles, joined with German reality star Sophia Vegas for dinner at Pump, so they could compare notes on their mutual experiences with rib-removal.

'The doctor's advice is to wear the corset as often as possible to help with the shape and healing of the body.''I have been wearing it every day.

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We love the rich burgundy colour, double breasted buttons and pocket details on this coat.

The royal's big day was captured on camera by her pregnant mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, whilst Tamara's was marked by her art dealer father.

Mr Rutland shared the snap with his 92,000 Instagram followers with a post that he captioned: 'School assessment day.

It's no wonder Sophia bore a resemblance to Princess Charlotte, as she herself is showbiz royalty - being the daughter of F1 heiress, Miss Ecclestone.

The spirited youngster lives in a 57-room, £70 million mansion in Kensington Palace Gardens with her mother and father.

The German blonde has already undergone the same procedure, and Roddy is now the first man in history to have four of his ribs taken out.'We could only eat soup.

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