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Click on the title for the workshop's description and ask us about topics you don’t see listed.Power struggles can occur over just about anything.Parents and children have busy schedules; there is pressure to succeed and fit in; kids are “plugged in” and possessions are highly valued.Navigating all of this can be confusing and difficult for both parents and children.In this fun and interactive workshop parents will learn the necessary ingredients for raising respectful children.They will also learn how to: Our kids live in a busy, fast-paced, electronic world that offers many opportunities and conveniences.Siblings fight for many reasons and it is unrealistic to think that your children will never fight.

Each workshop is: Workshops can even be done in your home.

However, with all the advantages of a technological world, there are also some concerns.

Many kids are tuned in electronically, but tuned out emotionally.

Keeping children grounded and connected while fostering responsibility and resilience is essential.

In this fun and interactive workshop you will learn to: Do you ever wonder why sometimes your discipline strategies work and sometimes they don’t?

Learn to: Are you or your children pulling your hair out over homework?

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