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Some people in fact prefer the shonen-derived shojo-ai because of the supposedly healthier portrayal of lesbians as sexual beings.This is a load of crap for two reasons: 1) it's mass market media and (this is the more important reason) 2) lesbians sell. It's about an all-girl's Catholic school named after the lily (a good sign you're watching some kind of shojo-ai). It's about a boy who falls in love with a girl and confesses his feelings for her.The credit for shojo-ai as a genre of its own (and not just an additional element of some other genre; see below) goes mostly to Revolutionary Girl Utena.Though here in the states, the credit is far more likely to go to Sailor Moon.Notable in this episode (and, typically of Excel Saga, only in this episode), is the thinly veiled reference to rape, magical girlfriend anime/manga (those extra six letters make a totally new genre), and tentacle porn.All in roughly the same five minutes of the episode, too.For reference, the English dub tried to remove references to any kind of lesbianism. One of these "cousins" dressed up like a man often.

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For those who haven't, there is a character named Kaori who exists only to a) have a crush on her fellow classmate Sakaki and b) be tormented by a creepy male teacher who has a crush on her.By now, you might be able to guess that none of this has any real bearing on the plot whatsoever.The actual plot (interrupted by some of the lamest and most boring mecha fights in the history of art itself) revolves around the complex relationship between the two fledgeling miko, because one has to kill the other in order to actually and completely save the world.Kannazuki no Miko was brought to you by the mangaka that brought you Steel Angel Kurumi and UFO Princess Valkyrie.This one-volume manga is award-winning manga team CLAMP's rendition of Lewis Carroll's .Sakura is the magical girl and Tomoyo is the doting omnipresent admirerer. This is a typical schtick in most magical girl animes, and gets lampooned on a fairly regular basis by only exaggerating the circumstances of admiration.

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