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I was kissing her ear and my hand slid to her skirt and then under it. She whispered: “Daniel, I need to know who’s arrived.” She went to the door and was talking with someone while I was in the kitchen smoking and thinking about what had happened.

We drank some wine, talked and soon were sitting close to each other. I put my three fingers inside, she let out a moan and pulled my pants down. Rebecca ran up to him and said: “Daniel, go away, I love him…” I left. I loved her but at the same time saw no sense in fighting for her.

Rebecca began twitching and I went on penetrating her pussy.

My mouth was licking the nipple and biting it while my digits were dancing in her depth.

Restraining myself was far beyond my strength and her pussy was flowing abundantly.

The small room was filled with the smell of our juices.

I took my phallus out of her mouth and thrust into her vagina sharply having positioned Rebecca in a doggy style.

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