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The prohibition was lifted in the federal appropriations act for the District for the 2002 fiscal year.

Domestic partnership in the District is open to both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

The State of California has developed an Online Self-Help Center that provides resources and information to assist domestic partners in many areas, including filing domestic partnerships, dissolving domestic partnerships,parenting issues, tax issues, and more. C., has recognized domestic partnerships since 1992.

However, Congress prohibited the District from spending any local funds to implement the law.

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In 1985, West Hollywood city council member John Heilman successfully introduced domestic partner legislation for city residents and employees that was passed by the city council and created the first domestic partnership registry.On September 4, 2003 the California legislature passed an expanded domestic partnership bill, extending all of the state legal rights and responsibilities of marriage to people in state domestic partnerships.California's comprehensive domestic partner legislation was the first same-sex couples policy in the United States created by a legislature without a court order. Pre-existing municipal and county domestic partnership ordinances remain in force unless repealed by their local governments.Some legislatures have voluntarily established domestic partnership relations by statute instead of being ordered to do so by a court.Although some jurisdictions have instituted domestic partnerships as a way to recognize same-sex marriage, statutes do exist which provide for recognition of opposite-sex domestic partnerships in many jurisdictions.Working with Tom Brougham, members of the East Bay Lesbian/Gay Democratic Club, and attorney Matt Coles, the Domestic Partner Task Force drafted what has become the template for domestic partner/civil union policies around the world.

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