Senio dating

Thompson was forced to essentially play free safety, since one of the safeties (Coleman) was blitzing, and the other (Adams) played a deep zone on the right side.

Kuechly had overpursued, and as he cut back inside, right guard Larry Warford got in his way and Kamara ran outside, just out of Kuechly’s reach.The Panthers somehow managed to let Thomas run completely free on his route, and this formidable unit suddenly looked like the Week 1 Saints defense.They ran a strongside blitz, and failed to make a coverage adjustment before the snap to account for Thomas and Ginn on the left side.The Panthers were playing really tight here and Brees took advantage.Nearly every Panthers defender bit surprisingly hard on a run fake to Adrian Peterson, which is likely because there was a huge hole for him to run through had he gotten the ball.Ginn had a step on cornerback James Bradberry, and Brees somehow sent the ball right over Bradberry’s shoulder into Ginn’s arms.

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