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Another segment that generates a lot of interest is called Naked In The Streets.

This is where a reporter will go topless in the street and speak to the general public about various topics.

The show often recruits women from around the world, to either appear as guest reporters, or to appear on a regular basis.

Their audition feature, where amateur women try out for the program, is one of their most popular segments and generates the most feedback from its viewers.

As we noted in our 20 Hottest Men in Indie Music feature last month, it’s hard not to fall in love with a talented musician when they’re on stage giving you a memorable performance.

Now it’s time to give the accomplished ladies their shine.

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Almost always clad in black with a leather jacket and some sort of funky button-up, Alison Mosshart, frontwoman of The Kills, is the baddest of bad bitches. There’s nothing basic about this fierce indie rocker who’s been doin’ it since 1995.A male version of the show was created in 2001 to parallel the female version, but has ceased production as it did not enjoy the female version's popularity and fame.Although it was originally targeted towards female viewers (at one point said to be 30% of the website's audience), the male show later promoted itself as news from a queer perspective. She has also teamed up with the iconic British post punk outfit, Gang Of Four.All four of these badass gals can rock with the best of them.We've always been one of those bands where no one is allowed to touch or hear it. Then once we started collaborating with Big Boi from Outkast as Big Grams, it was our first collaboration, and we really enjoyed it. We always want to do something new that you wouldn't hear normally. I listened to a lot of Aaliyah, but it doesn't sound like I did. Their passing was a big hit for us because it happened right around my sister.

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