Safety dating tips women

This can nip many potential problems before they begin. While stun guns are illegal in many areas, pepper spray isn’t and is very effective.

It doesn’t take up much room in your purse and works fast.

We all want to believe nothing bad will ever happen to us but unfortunately statistics state otherwise, even to those of us who go prepared. When you do first meet, make sure it is a location you know and are comfortable with.

If you happen to know people that frequent or work at that particular location so much the better.

Get a phone number for them whether it be home or work and have some evidence that this person is who they say they are.Not every first date is going to go well and you may decide you like the guy but not enough to keep seeing him.He may have other ideas and become a stalker to some degree making unannounced pop-ins and the such or worse.I also usually suggest you keep the same information written down and left someplace it can easily be found should there be a problem.This information should also include anything you have on your date such as name, address, employer, phone number, etc…This may seem silly but how many people have had dates (Especially from online sources) that simply did not match the picture or description given. If the plan was dinner and a movie, or club, do not stray.

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