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A photographer has managed to gain access to the building housing the abandoned Soviet space shuttle programme.Ralph Mirebs travelled to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and found the two crumbling, dust-covered craft that were built for the Buran orbital vehicle programme back in the 1970s and 80s.These are only a few of the many prizes that will be gives at The-Herald's picnic and theater party on Friday August 13. the boys and girls will see Mabel Kormand in the "Slim Princess" at the Ellanay. Any boy or girl in 1 Paso who secures one new one-month paid-in.advance subscription to The Herald win become a member of the big party. This picture is so funny that it will make every-one laugh for a solid hour. Production last year was 11339.-757 bales and the condition on July 23 m year ago was 67.1. The west-ern roads as a whole had joined inasking for aa taerease of tt Jt percentbut the southwestern lines later atthe public 'hearing asked that theye given separate treatment and afreight Increase of aprroximately 39pe-cent. saying that Ithad been opposed by many shippersand by other carriers la the westernaroup"The record bows." said the com-mission "that the principal railroadsserving the territory west of Coloradocommon points especially the soealledtranscontinental railroads as a wholeare In a substantially better financialco-rdition than other carriers In theestern territory. Davis; assistant man-ager of the ticket office to fill thevacancy created by Mr. lie wanted to get intothe fray without the studied formali-ties that must accompany a speechof acceptance.

The fierce dance madam apparently sees no insensitivity on the misguided outfit choice, explaining that 'you give the allusion that you're nude underneath the fans...

The price of The Herald for one month is 70c Obtain a new subscriberand bring ft to H. Fr U-circ Blation manager of The El Paso Herald andbe in on the big party.

But a clip from this week's show sees dance teacher Abby Lee Miller dressing the children in tan bikinis to give the audience the impression of full nudity, before asking them to act as if a man 'cant' afford' them.

He wished he Headliners In Today's Theaters AI. Is-fust and fair and we sire It our approval."A tart of the responsibility to meetthe situation rests upon the state commissions bucn increases as will bemade in intrastate rates should ifpossible be made effectlre September1. To hold ittl H the- tost minute and then put Iton the wires would burden thesewires and keep other news of the dayfrom being distributed in its usualproportio B. Senator Hitchcock of Nebraskawho was the administrationleader In the senate treaty fight hasbeen selected by governor Cox torepresent the Democratic party In ajoint debate on the leagu of nationsto be neid at winona Lake m LAugust 9. A parade of visiting delegations isthe principal event scheduled to pre-cede the notification address of sena-tor Joseph T. Gasoline May Be Rationed Oil Men Hear Will gasoline be rationed? It is pointed out that such a generalcancelation treaties would workgreat Injury to American commerceby the withdrawal of the privilegesthey enjoy In entering foreign ports Under the treaty of 181S. The Polish delegates carried withthem Into the Russian lines a portablewireless outfit which they Intendedto use for communication with War-saw. Weet of Bialystok the soviettroops have crossed the Narew andare continuing the pursuit of theenemy. Ail suffered fractured skulls andcrushed bodies aad none recoveredeoasdoasnees after being brought toia hospital. The El Paso Herald ceas Mers itsc H extremely for-tunate in having 'made an exclusive arra Bgeme Et fer the Or stories thefirst of v Hcb wffl appear in the next Week-End r Teraal.

S with a speech likeibis eight columns long the authormust finish it a week ahead of timeto catch all papers on the Pacificcoast. The Republican nationalcommittee will select a debator in opposition it was saia toaay at senator Hitchcock's office. Robinson of Arkansas.chairman of the San Francisco con-ventlon and an acceptance speech ofgovernor Cox. Local oil men would not be sur-prised if this step were taken bygovernment or state authorities torelieve the shortage In the west ac-cording to Arthur Lockhartj vicepresident and general manager ofthe Rio Grande Oil company. the onlybasts for Intercourse between the United States and Great Britain. 1 fully advised of the sev-eral phases ot this carefully plannedcampaign and it only remains to fixpersonal responsibility before apply-ing the criminal provisions of the Lever law."Manufacturers aad jobbers areeven going to the length of 'guaran-teeing the retail trade against a de-clining market." Mr. Hecalled attention to Instances wheremills have been dosed for the rea-son be charged ot Justifying mar-ket conditlona on the plea of uader-productlon. Rumania has served V an ultimahim upon Soviet Russia giving the Soviets "three days to with-draw their troops from Rumanian territory according ta a Belgrade dispatchreceived' here today. "In the event of Russia's failure ta comply it is wadded Rumania wffl declare a general raobirlation. Officials said this afternoonhowever that it might be days beforethe negotiators were heard from. West of Blelsk our troopsdebouched at the line of the river Nuretz (Xnrzac). And they wfflbe in The Herald from now on in the ' Week-End Edition. El Paso dandy; west Texas cloudy probably showersla panhandle; Hew Mexico showers warmer tn north-west portion; Arizona showers except in southwest.12 PAGES TODAYREDSin a counter attack and are holdingtheir own near Brest-Litovsk.

In a letter received from the Popular Dry Goods com-pany the firm said that its members were always- interested in eneourazing.amnsements especially for the children and that they would contribute twoJ0 prizes a wool bathing salt each for a boy and girt These will be awarded to the prize winners in some athletic contest.

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