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Then around 11 pm started hitting up LDV but was empty, then hit up ISIS which is more like a stripclub with real dimes but expensive wasn't too crowded.

Ended up picking up 2 chicks with my friend for 3 hours and went back to the apartment to party.

Took them for 2 hours, back to the hotel, both chicks were fun as hell and partied / drank with us.

I know at least 2 Venezuelanas who have residency after being in Cartagena for about a year.

It used to be they would be deported ASAP then the government there handed them residency and helped them out. I stayed at Holiday Inn Express Boca Grande for six nights.

I asked for their guest policy and they told me they allow visits during daytime without a fee but by nightime it is 250,000 pesos per visit fee. After 6 days in Medellin hotel Dorado la 70 which has harder than rock mattress it was positive change to confort.

During my stay I took a 18 yr old girl from Venezuela to a 15 k cabana.

Saturday night went up to Clocktower, this time it was less girls than before but different ones.

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