Qt widget not updating

The problem I'm having is after running the program for about a minute, the labels freeze and the whole program crashes about 10 seconds later.If I comment out the set Text() and set Num() calls and reroute the outputs to the console, it runs fine and never crashes.However, in some cases these custom updates do not actually draw anything on screen (most likely, either the HPS they get is invalid or there is a mixup in coordinate space shifting/flipping).If I change send Update Request() to always update the whole top-level window (which is of course slow) then all repainting problems I know of (including #91) disappear. This seems to fix a lot of repaint problems, including combo-boxes and Ctrl-C in smplayer mentioned above as well as #91 and many painting problems one could see in the textedit demo program (such as selecting all text and changing its size does only update what was behind the popup list of the combo-box with font sizes, etc.).That restored the KDE theme for KDE applications but plasma-desktop still crashes, this time with a segfault in lib Qt 4.8.So I guess something else further down the dependency graph also would need a rebuild, I just couldn't figure out which package exactly that would be yet. I can confirm that this generally works for me too.I think that on OS/2 they somehow also consume repaint events designated to other widgets. Basically, it's in send Update Request() (qbackingstore.cpp).

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The list will disappear after the mouse button press but the appearance of the combobox will remain as if the list is still open (in particular, the list button will remain sunken and the focus will not go back to the line editor).As a consequence, the native clip region didn't include all dirty areas (this is what I saw when looking at the clip box of the presentation space in QRaster Window Surface::flush()) and they were left unpainted.This was always the case when another top-level window was moving above the given Qt top-level window. Another demonstration of this problem may be redraw defects seen in the smplayer application after pressing Ctrl-C (go to Compact mode) in the main window twice: when the main window switches from Compact mode back to the normal appearance, the menu and the toolbar are not fully redrawn and putting the mouse pointer over them will cause a partial redraw.One of the symptoms is that focus in and focus out events (e.g.Shortly after installing updates on one of my x86_64 machines yesterday, I noticed that KDE applications looked strange.

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