Priority mail delivery confirmation not updating

I replied to their message telling them there’s no problem with the phone and that I would speak with their local Post Office and update tomorrow. I had one a few weeks ago to an apartment complex…“out for delivery” three solid days…turns out it was in the managers office…maybe ask the customer to check with the management office.Mail carrier never scanned it after it went on the truck.If you have signature required, there is nothing to worry about.The Postal worker may have failed to scan the bar code when the attempt was made.The tracking updated 6 times but has not updated since Saturday morning as “out for delivery”.It was either delivered, or a notice was left, and the tracking history should say which. I’ve checked tracking on and it’s also stuck at out for delivery.

Surprisingly, after a couple of hours, I received a call from a USPS Agent out of the recipient’s local postal station.This time I was told the package was found in the mail carrier’s vehicle. Often a substitute mail carrier is making deliveries for the regular carrier especially on the weekend.About an hour later, the customer/buyer sent me a message stating her mail carrier delivered the package, informing her of the cause of the delay. So yeah, call USPS and ask them to place a Tracer on the parcel. The temporary carrier may not know where all the deliveries are supposed to go and simply does not finish the route.I normally call my post office service rep and ask them to locate the package and they will attempt to do so, often quite quickly.I suggest you explain this to your buyer and ask the buyer to remain calm.You can get help with your package by calling either of these #'s.

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