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You’ll see that the majority of people believe that tigers win!You can also make comments freely at the base of the page if you wish. Some people double voted etc but these have been removed so what is left is accurate…The lion occupies Africa (its range is being eroded by people).It is also present in India in the Gir Forest on the west coast in small numbers.Here is a table comparing the lion and tiger in respect of factors (I have called them “fight factors”) that might help us decide who would win in a lion vs tiger fight. The information comes from Wild Cats Of The World, the premier book on wild cats.

For instance, if a young un-experienced tiger is placed against a naturally more agressive lion. It may come down to the animal itself and it’s behavioral characteristics coupled with experience.the male lion has a scary appearance because of the mane.If a fight happened, the most important factor is the size and the tiger wins on this point.Sumatran tiger) to the birch woodlands of Siberia (Siberian tiger). If they did live in the same place they would no doubt find ways to avoid each other or at least minimize conflict.Conflict amongst equal or near equal predators is not wise as it compromises survival.A lion in a zoo may not fair so well with a wild aggressive tiger. ”“Always lion wins …..u have seen that chinese fabricated videos lion has more experience than tiger so lion only wins i haved stuied the behaviour of lion and i studied the behaviour of tiger so i believe lion wins…”“Tigers can kill any animal…This is to correct an earlier statement that tigers cannot kill elephants when in fact they have been known to bring down young elephants on their own whereas it takes the whole pride of lions to take down an adult elephant.

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