Optimize online dating profile

The Your Tango staff recently attended the first-ever Single In Stilettos conference — an event that helped single women learn about the latest dating trends and learn tips from the experts — where Krissy Dolor of gave us tips for finding love online.

With these SEO secrets, you can show up more often in men's searches — and in their dreams.1. For some reason, men are more attracted to this color.

Often, online dating sites keep a list of new, recently updated or recently logged in users on their homepage. It also shows that you are serious about finding love, and willing to work for it.3.

[If you need more complete services than the ones offered here, send us a detailed email with your requirements.They have also gained a lot of popularity among the 45-and-older crowd. Simply signing up for an online dating service isn’t going to guarantee that you meet people you want to spend time with.As recently as 2013, about 8 percent of people 45 to 54 years old had used online dating sites and mobile apps. The increase has been even more dramatic for people 55 to 64 years old. Making a better profile, however, can attract more interest.Based on the total population, (not just internet users) 68 percent of U. As multiple statistics claim, over 300 million people in EU alone are on Facebook.Having all these numbers in mind, you can rest assured knowing that, regardless in which niche or market you operate, your clients/customers are SURELY on Facebook.Just take the time to get a flattering image of yourself.

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