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Online grooming is where someone with a sexual interest in children uses social media, online chat, messaging apps or text messages to build a relationship with young people.

Their ultimate aim is to either Online groomers usually find their victims online but it also happens that the groomer meets a child in real life and gets their email address or mobile number in order to start the relationship.

Amy, now 14, explained how they first met on-line: β€œHe asked me my age and we began to chat about all sorts of things from music to things we liked and disliked.

There was no swearing in there so it made me think he was respectful.

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I thought he was trusting, I thought he was listening to me, but it turns out, he had a different agenda.” During a conversation with a friend on an instant messenger service, Amy, accidentally sent her mobile number to Randall, instead of her friend.

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As a parent you might think that this is something that could not happen to your child.

However, kids are very trusting and groomers are highly manipulative. In March 2013, 42 year old Cathal Donnelly from Roscommon was jailed for nine years after using Facebook to groom a 14 year old girl.

This was not spontaneous, it was planned.” (Source: This is an extract from the Dorset Police website where they provide details of a teenage girl, who was a victim of an online Groomer.

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