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In Goiânia, a city of about 1,100,000 population in south central Brazil, technical studies have been completed for a 15-km (9-mile) light rail line "to link the northern suburbs with the city of Aparecida in the south", according to A note of caution, however – Brazil has established an unfortunate reputation for "soap-bubble" transit schemes and ill-fated projects, including light rail.

it's perhaps the lone country on earth with a history of actually constructing, operating, and then The French city of Orléans, which already operates an 18-km (11-mile) light rail tramway, routed generally north-south, has apparently decided that its second, east-west, line will be "a true tram on rails", rather than a rubber-tired "guided busway" ("BRT" or so-called ), reports French light rail and public transport activist Jean Claude Vaudois in postings to several online tramway and light rail discussion lists.

, adding that, according to its backers, Valley Metro's LRT system will do more than just carry commuters.

"it will lure development dollars into sleepy business districts, help tourism flower and ease traffic congestion." congestion.

[Portland Streetcar, March 2005; Gary Cooper and Thomas B. A Two-Year Report Card", National Light Rail Transit Conference, Transportation Research Board, Portland, Nov.

2003] The extension is reported to have cost .8 million, or about .5 million per mile (about million per km).

Following this, the line may be extended another half-mile south on Moody Avenue to Bancroft Street, "through the heart of the developing South Waterfront district and what will be housing, retail and new OHSU offices" according to the With hundreds of people gathered to celebrate, mayors and representatives from Phoenix and its partnering suburban cities of Tempe, Mesa, and Glendale led a ceremonial groundbreaking event in Tempe Beach Park on Tuesday night, 15 February 2005, to launch the Valley Light Rail construction project at long last – an occasion described by the (16 Feb.

At that point they reverse course and travel northwest to the PSU Urban Center stop.(For an overview of the system, with map and photo, see Orléans Light Rail Tramway: Key Facts.) While it's an old city, and rich with history, Orléans is not so large, with just 250,000 inhabitants in the metropolitan area – thus it's currently the smallest city in France operating a tramway.of May 2002, ridership on the Orléans light rail tramway (Tram Line 1) was averaging about 37,000 passenger boardings per day.The project was installed at a cost (in 2001 dollars) of US.6 million, a unit cost of .4 million per track-mile (.1 million/track-km), which calculates to about .8 million per route-mile (.2 million/km).That calculates to about million/mile in year-2005 dollars.in what the Associated Press described as "the most visible sign so far that light-rail construction has begun", on March 7th construction crews began removing a median on Washington Street in Tempe, where the LRT tracks will be inserted.

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