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The Siberian Times writes that Natalia Vetrova, general director of the Sverdlovsk Regional History Museum said earlier claims “were not recognized by the international scientific community. Liz Leafloor is Editor Writer and Member Coordinator for Ancient Origins Having worked in news and online media for years Liz covers exciting and interesting topics like ancient myth history technology archaeological discoveries life and death and the unexplained Liz...

And we wanted to know for sure, and tell the world how old our Idol is.” Thomas Terberger, professor at the Department of Cultural Heritage of Lower Saxony was involved in the recent dating of the idol. Read More Human history and world history remains a dark mystery.

Not so long ago, the earth had a completely different north and south polar axis system.

Something not only changed the earth’s poles, but in essence flipped our globe sideways, so now we have a north pole where before we hade a “west” or “east” pole.

If these are a purposeful message of primitive writing, it would make the Shigir Idol the world’s oldest code on the planet.

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The additional faces in the idol are also characteristics of high energy plasma discharges which have been documented scientifically from recordings in the laboratory and with computer simulation.

Standing taller than a two story building—it is 2.8 meters (9.2 feet) long, though it was originally 5.3 meters (17.4 feet) before lengths of the artifact were accidentally destroyed during the Soviet era—the idol is thought to have been a larch tree more than a century old, which was shaped and decorated using a stone spoon implement.

The body of the prehistoric sculpture is flat and rectangular, and horizontal lines cross at approximate chest level, appearing to represent ribs.

Human legends around the globe say almost everyone died.

Genetics confirms this, showing that within the lasts 70000 years of so, virtually all human beings died out, except maybe about 2000 of us.

Researchers believe that the idol’s high cheekbones and straight nose may reflect what the creators looked like at the time.

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