Nude screenshots chatroulette


You can also narrow things down by your current city, as well as by your interests on Facebook.

While you're chatting, you can watch videos from You Tube together using picture in picture, with more synchronous sharing options to come that could relate to music (Spotify comes to mind, where Sean Parker sits on the board) and online games.

There's also a mysterious Star button between chat windows that lets you reward your video chat partner's antics with "Achievement" points that live at the bottom of your Airtime profile.

The new interface is quite slow and complex, so there should be another update with a better user interface and adult filter, at least if this site wants to survive.

Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker today announced Airtime, a web-based video chat service that's effectively the same thing as Chatroulette, but connected to Facebook.

Over time, we'd bet that the amount of inappropriate content on Airtime stays low, because Facebook's 950 million users very much value the online identities they've created.

Journalists around the world are rushing to report about a buzzy new social media site, Chatroulette.

As the last few hours have passed, the service has become noticeably more reliable.

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