Novogodniy sex

If you deal with this drama now, it won't come back down the road.

Work matters and personal relationships continue to be the priority, so stay focused on what you want.

The adjustments that you have been working on, especially in regards to your relationships, are front and center this week.

Steady Saturn makes two strong aspects Tuesday and Wednesday, which will bring you a lot of assurance about your main friendships and partnerships, but also prompt you to be realistic about any underlying changes that need to be made.

Friday is a great day when you will meet someone who sees things the same way you do.

Intelligent Mercury and active Mars unite in your career zone Saturday, and a big opportunity could come up, or you may need to wow a VIP on the spot.

You may have to be flexible this week and adjust your course to get the results you want.

Friday is a very special day, so make time to spend with your nearest and dearest.

Active Mars unites with verbal Mercury on Saturday and you can make some firm decisions about a creative matter — go with what's in your heart, rather than worrying about how it will be viewed.

Relationship are a top priority for you this week, but you will need to feel your way through situations and not overthink things.

Practical Saturn has been sitting in your relationship zone for a few years now (ugh!

Friday is a magical date night so make special time for your boo or get out and socialize if you are looking for love.

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