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You start a BITS job, and from that point on, BITS is responsible for the download.

But what if we tell you that BITS is a careless middleman?

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Advanced attackers in possession of firmware signing keys, and even potential access to chip fabrication, could wreak untold havoc on cryptographic devices we rely on.

After surveying all-too-possible low level attacks on critical systems, we will introduce an alternative open source solution to peace-of-mind cryptography and private computing.

By using programmable logic chips, called Field Programmable Gate Arrays, this device is more open source than any common personal computing system to date.

Less well appreciated, however, is that machine learning can be susceptible to attack by, ironically, other machine learning models.

In this talk, we demonstrate an AI agent trained through reinforcement learning to modify malware to evade machine learning malware detection.

Ayoul3 Ayoub is a pentester working for Wavestone, a consulting firm based in France.

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