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In May 2016, WHO in collaboration with the UNFPA-UNICEF joint programme on FGM launched the first evidence-based guidelines on the management of health complications from FGM.The guidelines were developed based on a systematic review of the best available evidence on health interventions for women living with FGM.For example, older adults can experience a shift in circadian rhythm that causes them to become sleepy in the early evening and to wake up too early in the morning.Indeed, the 2005 NSF poll found that 64 percent of adults over 65 consider themselves a "morning person." Medical conditions and other sleep disorders can also cause insomnia.The practice is most common in the western, eastern, and north-eastern regions of Africa, in some countries the Middle East and Asia, as well as among migrants from these areas. The reasons why female genital mutilations are performed vary from one region to another as well as over time, and include a mix of sociocultural factors within families and communities.

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It reflects deep-rooted inequality between the sexes, and constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women.

In other words, even though aging seems to make certain aspects of sleep more difficult, many older adults say they still feel good during the day.

There are certain biological changes that make sleep more difficult as we age.

You can discuss these options with your doctor or get a referral to a doctor who specializes in sleep for more comprehensive treatment.

We inspire professional women to inspire teen girls through after-school and weekend mentorship programs.

The day included meeting women in different departments, working in teams to sharpen their marketing skills and touring the Workshop to monogram their very own Coach hangtags.

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