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The words pehlwani and kushti derive from the Persian terms pahlavani and koshti respectively.

It is likely that the word derives from the Iranian word "Pehalavi" denoting an Iranian people.

Wrestling was the favourite spectator sport of the Rajputs, and were said to look forward to tournaments "with great anxiety".

Every Rajput prince or chief had a number of wrestling champions to compete for his entertainment.

As a vigorous activity, wrestling has an inherently rajasic nature, which pehlwan counteract through the consumption of sattvic foods.

Milk and ghee are regarded as the most sattvic of foods and, along with almonds, constitute the holy trinity of the pehlwani khurak (from Persian خوراک پهلوانی khorâk-e pahlavâni), or diet.

Pehlwan who compete in wrestling nowadays are also known to cross train in the grappling aspects of judo and jujutsu.

Legendary wrestlers from the bygone era like Karl Gotch have made tours to India to learn kushti and further hone their skills.

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These systems also borrow several throws, submissions and takedowns from kushti.Sawari (from Persian savâri, meaning "the passenger") is the practice of using another person's bodyweight to add resistance to such exercises.Exercise regimens may also include dhakuli which involve twisting rotations, rope climbing, log pulling and running.It was said that every Maratha boy at the time could wrestle and even women took up the sport.During the colonial period, local princes sustained the popularity of kushti by hosting matches and competitions.A practitioner of this sport is referred to as a pehlwan while teachers are known as ustad.

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