Minister dating


If these weeks or months expose a distracted heart then the minister closes the door to the possibility, refocuses on the things of God, and guards his or her heart in regards to this person.

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If you have examined your heart, and feel free to move forward, then ask God to help you recruit the needed "partners of truth and grace" that you will need during these days.The "male/female" perspective could prove to be priceless at this stage.If you are from a western society something inside of you may rebel against having others involved in an accountability and discerning role, but please listen.There is no exact way to go from here, but here are some suggestions. It may be that you involve those whom you have already confided in.Use email, or other tools that allow you to get to know each other better, but that don't put you in "dating" mode yet.This circle of confidants will probably need to grow if the friendship ever becomes a dating relationship.

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