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As the letter states, campaigners firmly agree with Amnesty that those who are prostituted must not be criminalized or brutalized by law enforcement and governments.

However, full decriminalization of the sex trade renders pimps “businesspeople” who sell vulnerable individuals, overwhelmingly with histories of poverty, discrimination, homelessness and sexual abuse, to buyers of sex with impunity.

“For some people, living with psoriasis can be isolating and cause a lot of embarrassment and low self-esteem,” said Dr.

Colby Evans, chair of the National Psoriasis Foundation Board of Directors.

Raising awareness and educating others is critical. “Through I’m Ps O Ready, I want people living with the condition to understand that we don’t have to be embarrassed, we don’t have to cover up and we don’t have to settle for life the way it is.” I’m Ps O Ready is part of a larger disease awareness initiative — More To Ps Oriasis — to help people communicate about the realities of life with psoriasis.

More To Ps features information and resources, as well as unique multi-media content including: • Cyndi’s experience – Lauper will share her personal journey with psoriasis through videos and inspirational quotes, including the ways she lives a healthy life.

Others include: Angela Bassett, Emily Blunt, Jonathan Demme, Grace Hightower De Niro, Lena Dunham, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Jones, Kevin Kline, Lisa Kudrow, Kyra Sedgwick, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Eve Ensler, Marcia Gay Harden, Carey Mulligan, Ali Wentworth and many more.

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Like many with this condition, Lauper has struggled physically and emotionally, and she has gone to great lengths to cover up her skin before public appearances.

“I hope and believe that Amnesty will understand the parallels with other forms of economically compelled body invasion — for instance, the sale of organs,” added Gloria Steinem.

“The millions who are prostituted experience trauma and shortened lives.

If passed at Amnesty’s International Council Meeting in Dublin from Aug.

7–11, this policy would in effect advocate the legalization of pimping, brothel owning and sex buying — the pillars of a billion global sex industry.

Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic disease of the immune system that most often appears on the skin as painful, red, itchy patches.

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