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The Vatican Council (presided over by Pope Pius IX) is our history lesson from Tumultuous Times by Frs. Griff Rubys final segment of The Pope Condemns Vatican II. Michael Oswalt gives his observations on the New Church. See our new feature: Friday Menus, other regular features, cartoons, AUGUST 2011Plenty of news stories fill this issue! Brendan discuss the Protestant revolutionary John Calvin. A reader asks Father Athanasius about the Jews and baptism; another reader asks about pertinacity and heresy. In our column: Ask Father Athanasius, Father responds to Just Wondering about the application of epikeia and a second question from the Philippines on 200 saints eliminated by the New Church. Oswalt the former New Church priest who is to be ordained in the traditional rite this monthlooks at the devious way Benedict freed the Latin Mass. Tims Talks, which is always instructive and entertaining, looks at a Rebellious Daughter. Edmund Sheridan reflects on our times from a spiritual view. We welcome questions for our new column, Ask Father Athanasius. The First Fridays with the Sacred Heart (for MAYalways a month ahead) is on the twelfth page. See story on Michael Grants visit to what has been demoted from House of God to tourist attraction. Marksman Edmund Sheridan hits straight on target with his News Bullets.Robert Valente gives his insightful perspectives of very revealing! New DVD of the Holy Mass, Monk decides not to join Conciliar Church, new Mass location, new website for Catholic travelers, C-14 and a sea-monster and more. Clare Kolewski gives us, : Wife, Mother and Chairman of the Board, an inside look at rearing 17 children. Father Michael Oswalt talks more about the man-centered Conciliar religion he left. Radecki about a new mass and the establishment of the Protestant Churches. Martin Luther is examined in this months excerpt from Tumultuous Times and also in Fr. John Gregory writes about the Sacred Heart and the disturbing influence of homosexuals in the workplace. He responds to question about receiving sacraments from heretics, and another asking if a true pope is permitted to change prayers, APRIL 2011On the front page: New study challenges Bp. Delay: Hold the presses while the March editorial addresses the breaking story at Christ the King Abbey in Alabama. Benedict Hughes, CMRI makes his points, TAKE A STAND: The Danger of Sitting on the Fence.Voice of the Papacy addresses usury and dishonest profit. Selected objections will be addressed in The Four Marks by Mr. Griff Ruby says, "God talks to me." John Gregory presents St. Feeney settled 700 years ago, Trial of man who murdered pro-life activist, and more.Vincent The editorial, Whats in a moment, considers how we can use our time most effectively. Read about anti-popes and pseudo-councils in Church history abridged from Tumultuous Times by the Fathers Radecki.News stories include the death of Abbot Leonard Giardina, OSB, head and Founder of Christ the King Abbey.The story discusses unusual matters surrounding the Abbey just prior to the Abbots death.

Father Brendan Hughes continues his article on Trent. John Daly reviews several books that may best inspire that love in us. In her article, The Ins and Outs of Fornication, Clare Kolewski gives a straightforward, in-depth and very Catholic view of this important subject. is the title of the First Annual Catholic Conference on Geocentricism. Radecki covers 1414-1418, a period of unbelievable suffering and death. Daly gives us a surprisingly fresh perspective reviewing the book: The Art of Reaching the Truth. In another op-ed, Stephen Heiner writes, Reflections on 9/11: Lessons still not learned. So begins the Church history by gives us a unique insight into various topics as conceived by the authors of books he reviews in, Daly on Books. Brendan Hughes teaches us more on infallibility: fresh and clear. Jerome and some excerpts from Church teaching on Creation. Father Tim's Talks tells us a lot about holy water. In an Op-Ed, Stephen Heiner writes about oil spills, earthquakes, climate, and hurricanes. Father Tim's Talks is entitled: "The Supreme Evil".

This special issue is a compilation of numerous that address the extreme differences between the two religions, their practices, beliefs, and rites.

A news story sheds light on the council and how cardinals were manipulated.

Read inside how to order bulk copies of the Primer or call: 406-967-2000Edmund Sheridan presents the year in review.

Appropriately for these times, Usury and Other Dishonest Profit is the topic for the Voice of the Papacy.

Michael Oswalt discusses the new morality of the Vatican II Church. Theres an interesting take by Griff Ruby called Escaping the Get an inside look at The Nine. In another front page special by Four Marks and after telling us of this pastor, turns to a priest of today, Fr. See also the excellent Observations by Michael Oswalt, Goldsteins letters, and cartoons.. News about the new Tridentine Latin Mass DVD from St Josephs Media describes production of the high definition (picture and sound) video. John Gregory points to the evils of contraception while . Stephen Heiner looks at Letter Writing in The Restoration this month. Miller explains that evolution is impossible, and comments on the gulf catastrophe. See book review by Chris Strain and Observations by Michael Oswalt.

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