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4) When a bro designates you as his wingman, you may not fail him.

This is the most important role a bro may play for a bro, and may not be violated or debauched.

the bro claimed to be sleeping at a friend’s house) you will always claim that yes he was there and you may even claim he is still there.

Studies show that 8 out of 10 bros will do this without thinking.

13) When gas money for a ride is offered, it may be accepted.

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22) If a bro’s girlfriend calls you and asks about a bros actions the previous night, (I.e.

16) A bro will never make another bro look bad in front of a target girl.

The wingman should swiftly punish any such attempts.

All bros present are required to admire the content, even if they know nothing about cars.

10) When a bro asks a bro what he thinks of his girlfriend or date, a bro is always required to give an honest answer. 11) A bro will never ever leave his bros without a ride.

14) A bro shall never make another bro ashamed for hooking up with a girl.

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