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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are easily one of Hollywood's most enduring power couples.

But despite being married for over a decade, this adorable, seemingly normal duo has inevitably faced their fair share of headline-making scandals over the years.

"It wasn't like the earth shook," she told in 2007. I was open to it and willing to change and welcome the change I got to have a child when I was 41 and then we had a surrogate." about why she and Urban initially fell in love all the more surprising. "I would probably say that two very lonely people managed to meet at a time when they could open themselves to each other. So it's about trying to keep it as intimate and personal as possible." For his part, Urban corroborated Kidman's no-texting story in an interview with Ellen De Generes; however, he did admit that they'll occasionally make time for, um, special kinds of texts.

In fact, while speaking to Ellen De Generes in 2013, the Oscar-winning beauty also admitted that Urban waited four months before he actually asked her out on a date. We were a mixture of frightened and brave." "We [definitely] both met each other exactly at the right time," Urban added in an interview with Given their often hectic schedules, you'd think that Kidman and Urban would take advantage of modern day technologies like texting and e-mail to keep in touch with one another. In fact, Kidman told in 2014 that they pretty much only communicate over the phone while they're apart. But mainly we say, 'I want to hear your voice.'" "That's very unusual, but we've been together for 10 years," Kidman—who has also revealed that Urban writes her one love letter for every day they're apart— continued. "Maybe [we'll send] one cool kind of, Over the years, both Kidman and Urban have been extremely forthcoming about the struggles they've faced throughout their relationship.

First, a confession: I’ve been keeping some pretty big secrets from you. 😛 I’d like to introduce you all to someone very special today. Yes, I am getting married – on February 17 The first weekend of April, a stranger showed up at my church.

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“I know I’m so smitten by good looks and an accent, but damn,” I told them. Either some people lack common courtesy, or again, that’s just the way the game is played.

Along with education, job and geography, everything seemed like a good bet. His mother also said she was going to call mine once they double-checked something with the horoscopes, but never did.

He lives in San Diego and they are also very interested. Then San Diego shot me an email and we decided to touch base the following week. (Okay, so he was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and I couldn’t actually see how chiseled he was, but I could imagine and I was pleased.) We finished our conversation on a good note. He said he’d message me on Whats App and we should talk again soon.

This boy went to Imperial College London, grew up in Singapore.

Mom: Remember I told you that other aunty had a family friend who has a son?

Think you know everything about their whirlwind romance? that his decision to get clean and sober was catalyzed by the fear that he might, in his words, "lose it all." "It was like, 'If I don't choose this moment to do the right thing and do something that's going to give me life, all of the things I'm scared of losing, I'm going to lose anyway,'" he confessed. We were in a very, very, very bad, painful place, and have managed to step through it, and I hope that gives some people some hope who may be in the same place." , Urban confessed that it was actually Kidman who organized the intervention that helped him make the decision to enter rehab.

This marked Urban's third trip to rehab, according to . "I was very, very blessed to have [Kidman] call an intervention on me," he said.

"It was just another twist in my life: Here it goes. "I had a tight group of friends around me for the intervention.

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