Long chelsea clinton dating


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Photos showed the bride and groom walking down a broad outdoor aisle between rows of guests.

“It was an amazing, funny, unexpected, sexy dance,” says a friend of the bride’s.

“Bill and Hillary seemed to love it.” The next dance was for the father of the bride: Chelsea and Bill swayed to “The Way You Look Tonight.” As the song came to a close, she wrapped her arms around her dad and he swung her in a circle.

“Thank you, Thank you,” wrote the couple in their program.

“We are profoundly grateful to be surrounded by our family and friends as we begin our new life together.” The interfaith ceremony (the bride is Methodist and the groom’s family are conservative Jews) took place on a grass field, under a chuppah, a canopy, with “a lot of organic flowers: limelight hydrangeas, white roses, green parrot tulips,” says Jeff Leatham, the florist.

“The people coming are her friends and people who have been meaningful in her life,” mother of the bride, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, 62, said days before. “This was Marc and Chelsea’s list,” says wedding planner Bryan Rafanelli.

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