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They discussed whether to support their community or their country and whether to fight for liberation from the British Muggles.They also debated whether it was really their fight.Under Rappaport's Law, MACUSA continued to avoid communication with the No-Maj community for many years, and MACUSA also continued to impose severe penalties on those who disobeyed the International Statute of Secrecy.After the Great Sasquatch Rebellion of 1892, MACUSA was forced to relocate its headquarters for the fifth time in its history, and moved from Washington to New York City at the Woolworth Building where it remained throughout the 1920s.MACUSA’s second great law enforcement challenge was the number of wizarding criminals who had fled to America from Europe and beyond, precisely because of the lack of organised law enforcement such as existed in their own countries.The Magical Congress of the United States of America was established in 1693 with the introduction of the International Statute of Secrecy, as a direct result of the Salem Witch Trials, thus pre-dating the No-Maj formation of the United States of America by around a century.The rebellion was blamed on Irene Kneedander, Head of the Body for the Protection of Magical Species.Kneedander had taken to attacking a Sasquatch that had done something wrong which led to their decision to rebel. They needed a new headquarters, and over the course of several years, wizards infiltrated the construction team of a new building in New York.

Harkaway bred Crups, which possess a great aggression towards non-magical people.Unlike the No-Maj United States Congress, which is divided into a House of Representatives and a Senate, the MACUSA is unicameral.MACUSA was modelled on the Wizards’ Council of Great Britain, which predated the Ministry of Magic.There were only a select few to start with, with only two of them surviving to old age.They won the enduring respect of the magical community in North America, which was extended to their descendants.Though many criticised this policy, pointing out that it made witches and wizards rather conspicuous around sober No-Majs.

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