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Think hard about the amount of time you two have actually spent together. Are they Yet another fun term originating from the current dating environment, cushioning is a phenomenon that arises thanks to the feeling that there are seemingly endless options.

What if Goldilocks had more than three bears to choose from?

If your significant other avoids sharing photos of you or the two of you together—and doesn’t make it public that they are with you—there’s a reason for that.

Chances are that they want to attract someone else.

They enjoy making someone fall in love with them but run away at the first sign of you loving them back.

They want to win you over but don’t want to commit.

But the conversation never goes much further than that.

If you try to follow up with a question about spending time together again, they’ll either steer the conversation to something else or just flat out ignore it.

Real love is out there, and you’ll find it a lot more easily once you know the signs so you can avoid people with these behavior patterns.And if you still feel blindsided when things don’t work out with a prospective mate, perhaps some help identifying these signs might be of use to you.This is what happens when you meet someone you like who seems to like you too, but for some reason plans to see each other again just never get made.When you like someone you want to set up plans and spend time with them!So naturally if your prospective bae is doing the complete opposite, he probably isn't feeling the same way you feel about him.Once they know they have you just as infatuated with them as they appear to be with you, they’re ready to move on to the next person and repeat the process.

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