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1992 Top Under Georgia law, a secured party, through its agents, has a right to enter premises peacefully and at any time to obtain its property.1980 Top Taking a car from a driveway does not constitute a breach of the peace if the debtor does not object to the taking of the car and the repossessor does not provoke violence so as to breach the peace.

It simply gave the mortgagee a license to enter upon the premises where the property was situated, and to remove the property therefrom in a peaceable manner.

1895 Top On May 13, 1991 Defendant’s repossession crew sought to repossess the Saab at plaintiff’s residence.

2005 Top The creditor may not exert wrongful pressure upon the debtor to obtain repossession of the secured items.

He has no right to use force and enjoys no immunity.

The absence of the debtor's knowledge or consent does not constitute a breach of the peace unless abusive and insulting language which incites violence is used or some other violation of the public peace, order, or decorum occurs.

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